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Creative Florence's Inky Art

Limited Edition - Inky Animals - Children's Alphabet Picture Book

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The illustrations throughout this book are hand painted with water colour inks and lots of layers of tissue paper to add texture. Each image is then made into a digital file to be printed. 

There are so many Animals to choose from, but here are my favourite 26. I have illustrated all of them, with ink and tissue paper. All the Animals on Earth are important, each of them have a job to do, to help keep our planet happy! Unfortunately some humans forget this sometimes, and are unkind to Animals, because they think they are more important. When this happens Animals start to reduce in numbers. The good thing is there are lot’s of special people who look after these Animals and protect them.

32 page book
245 mm square paperback
Age group 3+ to 100
Printed on recycled uncoated paper

Text copyright ©Creative Florence Ltd 2020.
Illustrations copyright ©Creative Florence Ltd 2020.
All rights reserved.
First Published in Great Britain November 2020

Font used is called Dyslexie This font has been created to help children & adults with dyslexia like myself. To find out about this font visit