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Amazon Rainforest Art Competition
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Amazon Rainforest Art Competition

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Last year when I created my Messages from the Sea Picture Book, I set a Drawing and Painting competition. The children who entered, all had their work added to the end papers of my book and the winners where sent a prize. I absolutely loved seeing what the children came up with, it was wonderful.

This year I am running another Drawing and Painting competition 
Age groups 4 - 6, 8 - 10, 11 - 14

The work will be judged by age group. This a fun project and my expectations
for 4 - 6 yr old's is not the same as a 11 - 14 yrs.

The competition
To draw a picture of the Amazon Rainforest, which must include, Trees, Plants, Flowers and the Amazon (river). You need to include one of each animal from each of  the categories below. If you want to, add a Human, who lives in the Amazon that's great! Please give that person a name and tell me all about their story.

Animals who play or sleep in the tree's
Sloth, Orantugan, Howler monkey.

Parrot, Toucan or Humming Bird.

Fish or River Animals
Piranha Fish, Pink Dolphin or Otter. 

Land Mammals
Armadillo, Jaguar or Puma.

Reptiles & Amphibans
Black Caiman Alligator, Frog or Turtle.

Use lot's of bright colours with Paints, Felt Tips, Crayons or Coloured Tissue Paper. Do not rush your painting, take your time.
The winner is the best picture. Not the one that arrives first. 

Your work needs to be emailed to me by the 31st MARCH 2021
Prizes will be sent out in time for Easter! 
I will send all these instructions to the emails provided at the checkout, with a resource sheet. Parents if you have any questions please ask.