Creative Florence Book Reviews

Here are some fabulous global reviews from people who have purchased my Messages from the Sea. Picture book. 

 Laura Wain. UK
Thank you so much for the girls book, they loved listening to it and looking at all the pictures. The characters are great, and very clever the way they follow the alphabet! Poppy wanted to know why the humans would do that and said it wasn't kind to put rubbish in the sea! As a teacher who ensures our school keeps its Dyslexia Friendly status, I'm very impressed with the effort with the font too! 

 Katja Lelic. Henfield. UK
 I love this beautiful book by Flo@ creativeflorence. The illustrations are made up from layers and layers of tissue paper producing the most
wonderful colour and texture. 

 Rebecca Salmon. Congleton. UK
 So very proud of the wonderful Flo. I've just received my copy of her 2nd book, a true lavour of love and reflection of both her amazing creativity and her passion for the sea. My Mum would be so delighted to be the inspiration for Turtle and for the book to be in her memory - such a wonderful touch and even more reason for me to treasure this always. Every page is an explosion of colour and joy carrying a serious yet friendly message. – Rebecca Salmon. Congleton. UK

 Julie Chamberlain. Milton Keynes. UK
Love it. 5 Stars. In my (very humble) opinion, a good book needs good content, good illustration and to be well designed. This book has all 3 elements which makes it so special. What a talent Flo has to be able to do all 3 things. My daughter loved it, but said she couldn’t choose a favourite character, because they were all too cute! I loved it because I see the love that went into creating it on every single page. Can’t wait for book number 3.

 Lisa Byrant. Brighton. UK
 We have finally sat and read your book. WOWZERS! WE LOVE IT
Joey's face was a picture when we met Joey Jellyfish. What an honour. The book is just magical Flo. I can't wait to read it to my class at school. The illustrations are beautiful, they really have come to life from the sneaky previews you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa and Joey x 
– Lisa Byrant. Brighton. UK

 Jennifer Priest - Congleton
Messages from the Sea is a wonderful book full of beautiful illustrations that capture your heart and imagination. You can tell the book has been written by someone who cares deeply and wants to help make a difference to the world we live in. This book can be enjoyed by all ages and would make a wonderful gift and bedtime story to be enjoyed by the whole family. Highly recommended just buy it

Trudy Bezençon. Switzerland
This book is an inspiration. The colours and illustrations are totally uplifting. The story is one that will resonate with children and adults alike. It shows that anything is possible and brings awareness to pollution and that it is up to us to make the change.  It starts with our children. Well done Flo. Beautiful and touching. 

 AJ Merrick. Canada
My 3 books arrived today thank you! I wish I'd bought four - to keep one for myself, but one goes to a little 5yo tomorrow who is one of my fave little humans, and one goes to my niece (also 5 and pretty much my actual fave human), and one goes to a little man having a very important birthday tomorrow: his first! Maybe he's too young but never too early to start loving the earth. Thank you for your talent, your  caring, and your get up & go! Such an inspiration. 

 Samantha Solarz. New Zealand
Huge thank you to Flo for sending me a copy of this book to look at. Perfect timing for the #TheKidsbookedit marine themed event this week. From Annie and Alfie Angel Fish in Antigua to Wolo Whale, all across the globe, the creatures of the seas unite and workout a way to relay their message to humans. The rubbish in the oceans has become a big problem and they need help clean it up. Let me just say the illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous! lots and lots of things happening on each page and so much colour.

 Wendy Russell USA
Max loves to be read to. And he loves Messages from the Sea. We've read it serveral times since it arrived and the illustrations as beautiful as the message. Great Job Flo! You have fabs in California.

 Michelle Sutter Hook. USA
 What a beautiful story you wrote! And the illustrations...the animal love love. I can't wait to share with the children and learn how THEY have kept our ocean and beaches safer for animals. I have a condo at the beach...3.5 hours away and totally relate to how the water calms the soul. Believe it or not, 2 years ago I told my class that I was a mermaid! They asked why I wasn't on the NEWS! Told them it was a I will definitely share the beautiful story and let you see their reactions! Thank you Flo. 

 Fiona Lomas. Brighton UK 

I know Flo. Flo and I have been friends for years. And during this time I’ve seen her blossom into the amazing creative talent that she is today. I was completely blown away when my copy of ‘Messages from the Sea’ arrived. It is truly beautiful. The illustrations are layered and deep and beautifully crafted. And it carries a message that all kids (and ’big kids’) need to hear. It’s clever, it’s bright and it’s wonderful. Enjoy. Yours truly, Miss Lomas - Pencil Fish

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