Without Bees We Wouldn’t Have These

Without Bees We Wouldn’t Have These

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I love this planet and all the creatures in it, so I want to create images that focus on some of the issues that really need our attention – in a happy positive way!

There are 250 species of buzzy bee in the UK and right now 35 of them are under serious threat of extinction. This is not good news. The bees do such an important job of pollinating our crops and everything from the apples in our lunch boxes to the tomatoes on our pizza depend on them.

15% of the profits from the sale of this print will go to The Bee Cause by Friends of The Earth  so by purchasing one of these sunny prints for your home or school, you’ll be doing the bees a real favour too!


  • Mixed media art illustration
  • Printed on fine art paper
  • Sizes available: A4 or A3