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Lockdown Lino

Flo woolgar barrington

To some lockdown is now a lighter version than before. Life is almost back to normal if you wear a mask. Out doors and in shops. I am still a little more lockdown than others. Shielding they call it. But I haven’t wasted any time. After finishing a big project like my children’s book. There had to be a what next...
I have tried lots of different art mediums. Had limited success. I was looking at how I could use the illustrations in my book to create some merchandise and appeal to a wider audience. Then Lino printing popped into my head. And my work definitely can be adapted to relief printing with a few starter issues with digit stabbings. Art can be a painful process! I suddenly felt a sense or relaxation and also there was no apple z (undo in Apple Mac language) to rely on, so once you cut it. It was gone, this gives me full concentration I need.
I haven’t mastered cutting around a perfect circle. There must a tool for that. I am still on beginner tools. I am getting a good response to my attempts. So much so I have the confidence to offer them here on my shop. Hand printing is so satisfying when you get enough ink on the lino and enough pressure on the paper and accept the little flecks of ink may appear if haven’t cut enough away!
The little mussels above have a look of what’s happening. I feel like this listening to the news. Constantly wondering what’s next. Lino in lockdown has given me a new skill to work on and learn from and I’m shielding my fingers from injuries. While shielding my lungs from the on going... Take a look at my shop to see how l am carry on